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Our Program is been approved by Bed Bug Central and their staff of leading entomologists.

Our program is available for homes, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, schools, and property managers.

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Bed bugs were a common problem in the US through the WWII era. Use of products such as DDT and Malathion caused this pest to be virtually eradicated in the US starting in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Bed Bugs started to reemerge in the US and other countries in the 1990’s. They are believed to have reintroduced through people traveling internationally more frequently. The changes in pest management practices since the WWII era and chemical resistance in bed bugs have helped to fuel the resurgence. Bed bugs hitchhike from one place to another on people, bags, luggage, and other items. They are also spread through rental furniture, second hand furniture, old mattresses/ box springs, and infested delivery vehicles.

Biology and Lifestyle

Bed bugs live in furniture, mattresses, boxes springs, sofas, chairs, pictures, baseboards, and anywhere else they can fit. Most infestations are not found until the people notice bites on their body although you can get bit without knowing it. Bed bug bites are not usually felt by the person. Bed Bugs can lay and wait for their next meal for long periods of time. Some adults have been known to go 1 year without feeding. Bed Bugs typically like to live near their food source (you or a loved one) and will most likely be found in the bedroom or where you spend a lot of time asleep. Bed bugs tend to congregate together but do not live in a colony like ants or termites. Bed bugs are most active at night because that is when the host is asleep.

Females glue their eggs to hidden areas and take 3-5 days to hatch. The eggs are white in color and hold one bed bug per capsule. A female can lay 200-500 eggs in a 10 month period but only lays 3-8 at a time. They reach an adult stage in 35-48 days. Bed bugs can survive cold temperatures but succumb to heat over 113 Fahrenheit after 30 minutes. Steam applied properly and at the right temperature can kill bed bugs on contact. Bed bugs are ¼ inch long, are very flat, and can be identified by their fecal matter, skin casts, eggs, or a specimen. They can be found in one stitch of sewn fabric on a mattress.

Bed Bugs lay and wait in hiding for the host to arrive which is usually you but in a pinch they will bite the family pets.

What treatment for Bed Bugs will I receive?

Our treatment protocols were developed with the help of our consulting entomologist Paul Bello who has worked all over the US getting rid of bed bugs.

  • Immediate Reduction of the population through vacuuming and steam treatment of the infested areas and certain contents such as the mattress, sofas, chairs, carpet areas, and other furniture.
  • Placement of dusts into electrical outlets and other voids.
  • The use of pesticides with residual effect to kill other adults. Different products will be used in different ways. Different products have different purposes and application methods. The specific setup and contents of your area to be treated will tell us which products need to be used. None of the products alone will eliminate all of the bedbugs but together and with the vacuuming and steam they are very effective.
  • We will disassemble the bed and frame in order to treat it properly. We move other pieces of furniture as needed. We will move and disassemble certain pieces of furniture in order to treat the area.
  • All of the products that we used have a low odor. If you can smell the products please open a window to air your home out.
  • We will place mattress and box spring encasements on the bed(s). These are mandatory with our treatment. These are included in the cost of the treatment and we measure the beds during the initial inspection. We require all mattresses and box springs in a treated room to be covered in an encasement. Encasements stop bed bugs from leaving your mattress and box springs to feed. These encasements are a fraction of the cost of a new mattress or box spring. At the initial inspection it will be noted what type of mattresses you have and the number.
  • We also will place climbup interceptors® on the bed posts and other areas. These interceptors will trap bed bugs as they move allowing our inspector to insure you are bed bug free. These are also available for installation to aid in confirming the presence of bed bugs before a treatment. Other monitors will be used where climbups cannot.

Our Guarantee – We provide additional follow up services ,that are included in our price, to make sure we have eliminated your problem. We believe that after 50 days if you do not report any bites and we do not find any new evidence, we consider the population eliminated. If we continue to find evidence or have reports of bites we will reapply the treatment as necessary and continue to monitor until we reach – 50 days No Bugs. No Bites.

All of customers have a reported a noticeable difference in bites from bed bugs the night of the treatment.

This treatment does take several hours to complete and we use  a minimum of a 2 person team. This treatment may vary depending on your unique situation. Please contact our office for a bed bug inspection.

What Can I Do To Not Get Bed Bugs?

  1. Be careful about picking up second hand or discarded furniture.
  2. You can place your clothes in a dryer for a min. of 30 minutes on high heat to kill the bed bugs and eggs that may be present.
  3. Try to find out where you could have picked up a bed bug. Were you out of the county? Run a taxi? Had international visitors? Been to someone’s house who had been out of the country? Work with someone who complains of being bitten at night?
  4. Place encasements on your mattress and box springs before you get an infestation
  5. A cluttered or dirty area is harder to treat and gain elimination that a clean tidy one.
  6. Poor sanitation or social status does not exempt people from getting bed bugs. Bed Bugs are found in the best hotels in the world, multi million dollar estates, homeless shelters, and everywhere in between.

Why Choose Gene’s to Eliminate My Bed Bugs?

  1. Our treatment does utilize heat in the form of steam. Our steam can be targeted and reapplied on follow up inspections. Our treatment does not emphasize any one part of the process but instead incorporates they best off all available technology into one treatment.
  2. Please compare our program to other companies. Ask if they guarantee 50 continuous days of no bugs. no bites.
  3. We furnish you with a minimum of 2 follow up visits after the initial treatment.
  4. We reapply any part of the treatment that is necessary at no cost to you.
  5. We provide mattress and box spring encasements as a part of the treatment.
  6. We know how to quickly and efficiently eliminate your bed bugs.
  7. Wait time for our treatment can be as little as 48 hours.
  8. We provide as easy to follow prep sheet to help you prepare for our treatment. It has simple, easy to understand instructions that will help the treatment succeed.
  9. We provide bed bug specific inspection and treatment paperwork so you know exactly what the status of you treatment program.
  10. We provide HUD compliant paperwork and documentation to property and apartment complex managers.