Bed Bug Solutions for Apartment and Hotel Managers

We are committed to providing realistic options for your bed bug problems found in apartments, hotels, and multi family housing in metro Atlanta. We currently also have clients in Athens. We provide an affordable, realistic, and effective bed bug treatment plans.

Apartments are different than single family homes when it comes to performing a bed bug treatment for a variety of reasons. Our treatment method has taken into account the variety of conditions that an apartment can present and is customized to the particular unit and furnishings.

What type of treatment will I get?

The treatment will consist of physical removal of the bugs, heat (in the form of steam), chemical application, follow up inspections and monitoring, and our 50 Day no bug, no bite guarantee. All of our treatments come with mattress and box spring encasements and we do not charge for crib encasements.

Our treatment is accepted by HUD and meets all of their treatment criteria. By using 5 different methods rather than 1 we increase the chance of complete elimination on the first visit. Do keep in mind all of our treatments have a minimum of 3 trips. 2 of the 3 trips are mandatory follow up inspections at predetermined time intervals.

Our treatment also involves meeting with the tenant and we also have a questionnaire they may receive on follow up visits.

You can read more about the treatment on our regular bed bug page.

What happens before the treatment?

Before the treatment is scheduled we will meet with the manager and tenant to confirm the presence of bed bugs. The confirmation process can take a few minutes or up to an hour. We will inspect for live bugs, skin casings, fecal matter, and other signs of bed bugs. If the tenant saves a sample the verification process goes quicker. Please call for pricing on our inspections. If a fee is charged for a confirmation inspection it can be applied towards the price of the treatment. If confirmation is made then certain information will be collected that is needed for the treatment. Prep sheets will be provided to the management and tenant. These 5 steps will make sure the tenant is ready on the day of the treatment. We may ask to interview/inspect surrounding units to see if the bed bugs have spread.

What is the price for a treatment?

We will provide you with a price for the treatment after the inspection. All of our prices are a flat fee. We do not charge for follow follow up inspections or additional treatments in most circumstatnces. We honor prices from unit to unit in most circumstances. All of our agreements are for individual units. We bill at the completion of the initial treatment.

How long after the treatment before they notice a difference?

Most people will notice a difference that night.

I Need Documentation.

In addition to our regular service report that will list the chemicals used we also provide a specialized bed bug report. It is filled out on every visit and lists what was found, what we did, what the tenant said, and other information. This is signed by the technician and the management office. We have stages of the treatment that is marked on all of the paperwork so you can see at a glance what is the status of a unit. Copies of all paperwork is left with the office. All of paperwork is designed to provide all of the information needed and to meet HUD’s requirements.

Contact Us

We would love to talk to you about our bed bug elimination plan. It is hard to anticipate all of the questions and put the answers on a website. If you are in the Atlanta area please contact us if you have questions, want more information, or just want a price quote for comparison. Our quotes are no obligation.