Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Gene’s Pest Control & Termite Services Inc. is a veteran-owned small business and an authority in commercial pest control in Georgia. Composed of a highly trained team of licensed professionals. Gene’s can assist you in complying with today’s environmental pest problems. Started in 1992 as an Integrated Pest Management Firm we have continued to promote and practice low impact, highly effective, and long term solutions for pest prevention and elimination.
Our skilled pest specialists provide the best Integrated Pest Management Services to both the food and non-food industries. We understand that each business is uniquely different from one another. We have the experience and expertise to design and implement a pest program to meet your needs and budget.

We Want To Earn Your Business with our – One Price, One Pest, One Promise :

Have you ever wanted to test a company before you commit to a long term contract. Well now you can! Give us the opportunity to solve your most problematic or persistent pest problem. Whether it be roaches, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, or any other of the pests that we normally treat. We welcome the opportunity to prove to you that we can be your company of choice by showing you what we can do. We understand that companies might have made you promises in the past and just not delivered. You want the problem gone but do want to be stuck in another contract.

If this describes you then try our One Pest Program.  A trained representative will provide  you with a free inspection of your business, provide you with realistic expectations, time lines, and give you a one time special rate on eliminating your worst problem all without a long term contract. There are no hidden fees. Best of all we guarantee it. We guarantee 30 days of pest free activity even if it takes multiple trips – all for one price.

This special is valid on all types of commercial facilities including restaurants, office buildings, hotels, and retail stores.

Our Services Include:

  • 24 Hour response time for emergency situations
  • Choose an ongoing maintenance program or a pest specific treatment.
  • We perform an on-site analysis to help give you a complete picture of your pest pressures and contributing factors.
  • Guarantee of pest elimination when our programs are followed.
  • Creation, Implementation, and Servicing of site specific pest prevention and control programs.
  • Through inspection and treatment by specially trained professionals who understand the needs of the food and non-food industries.
  • Scheduled services, including after hours and weekends, for your convenience and discretion.
  • Identification of infestation sources, with treatment methods focused on these areas.
  • Installation, Monitoring, and status reporting of rodent and fly control devices.
  • Documentation and support for health inspectors and other government agencies.
  • Graphing of your facility so you can see the pest pressures as a big picture.
  •  We offer full pest management programs for your facilities or you can elect for pest specific services.
  • Bed Bug treatments for a single unit, room, or building.
  • We have Paul Bello, as our consulting entomologist, to help develop and implement a pest plan to meet your goals.

Our Affiliations

    • Member of National Pest Control Association
    •  Member of Georgia Pest Control Association
    •  Member of American Entomological Association
    • Member Atlanta Apartment Association

    Quality Control Inspections for Your Existing Company:

    Our team can provide you with quality control inspection for your facility. We can find out what is the real state of your pest problems and what your staff thinks of your current pest provider and if ongoing pest problems are present but unknown to you. Our inspection includes:

  • Determine if Proper Pest Management Techniques are being Followed.
  • Insure Detection Devices and traps are being deployed, checked, maintained, and are in correct locations.
  • Provide a written report of findings and include pictures if needed.
  • Provide recommendations for correcting deficiencies if any are found.

    Our Client History

    • 1996 Olympic and Special Olympic Villages
    • MARTA
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Kennesaw State University
    • Papa John’s USA
    • D&D Oil Company
    • Georgia Baptist Convention Center
    • Metro State Prison
    • Georgia Building Authority